Excel Japan is a blender of functional plastic resin compound based on materials such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).
Excel Japan provides compound that meets a variety of requirements using our advanced technology for developing and manufacturing functional plastic compound, and our know-how on a variety of resins and additives.

Being the first to develop the next compound the world needs
The Company’s core business is the development and manufacture of functional plastic compound. We are constantly reading the movements of the world surrounding us to identify what kind of functions are featured in the next compound the world needs in an effort to develop such products first to quickly respond to customers needs.

We provide a series of services spanning from design and prototyping to mass production
The Company provides a service for developing compound on behalf of customers who require special compounds.

We can provide compound with the specs you required using the production method you specify
The Company provides a compound production outsourcing service to serve as your manufacturing plant.